1. Why use a Car Cover?

    Regular use of a quality car cover can help keep your vehicle looking new, by helping protect paint and other exterior components from industrial fall-out, bird or tree droppings. It can also help maintain the interior of your vehicle by blocking sunlight.

  2. How do I place my order online?

    Log onto www.vwcarcovers.com for consumers, Volkswagen Dealers log in through www.vwhub.com and click on VWCarcovers.com. Then go to the model selection, and begin shopping!

  3. How can I check the status of my order? Return? Replacement?

    Simply call 714-850-0303 Ext 639, available 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., Pacific time, or for international calls, dial: 714-850-0303 (GMT -8).

  4. Can I place an order directly with Coverking?


  5. Where could I find a sample of the materials used?

    Just call 714-850-0303 Ext 639, available 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., Pacific time (for international calls, dial: 714-850-0303, GMT -8), and ask one of our customer-service representatives to mail you one of our many swatches.

  6. How long until I receive my product?

    Because these products are custom made to fit your Volkswagen model, your product will take between 10-14 business days to receive. However, universal products and accessories are in stock and should only take about five business days.

  7. What are the best materials Coverking has to offer?

    The VW car cover protection accessory program through Coverking offers a wide variety of materials from premium manufacturers from around the world. There is something for your budget or intended use.

  8. What is VWCarCovers.com Return Policy?

    Click here to read more about returning a product to the Manufacturer.

  9. How do I see pricing?

    Pricing is visible once you have selected your Volkswagen model, and chosen a material.

  10. I didn't receive an email confirmation after placing my order

    No problem. Wait for 24 hours after placing the order and call us at 714-850-0303 Ext 639, 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.,Pacific time (for international calls, dial: 714-850-0303, GMT -8).

  11. Are additional Accessories included with the VWCarCovers.com product I purchase?

    Car covers are shipped with a storage bag, and antenna pocket grommets. Additional accessories such as lock, and cable, are sold separately at additional charge.

  12. What is VWCarCovers.com's Warranty Policy?

    All Volkswagen Custom Car Covers manufactured by Coverking, have a one-year limited warranty unless otherwise noted on the product information page. Check our Return Policy Page for more information.

  13. I am having a problem with my car cover/sunshield installation.

    Click here to view Installation Guide.

  14. My vehicle is not listed on your Website.

    No problem, simply call us at 714-850-0303 Ext 639, 6 a.m. to 5 p.m., Pacific time (for international calls, dial: 714-850-0303, GMT -8), and one of our customer-service representatives will assist you. You can also fax us at 714-850-0828, or email us at support@coverking.com with your request. (Please allow 48 hours to investigate the application, and respond back to you.)

  15. Where does my item ship from?

    All items ship from Anaheim, CA

  16. Can we place will call orders?

    Our facility does not support will call orders, and dealer or customer pick-ups

  17. Do all VWcarcovers.com car covers come with a VW logo?

    Yes. All covers are shipped with a VW logo to contrast the material color - black or light gray.

  18. Are other logos or vehicle model names and designs available?

    All covers ship with a standard VW logo, unless otherwise indicated or prompted to select from alternate logo designs.

  19. I don't see my Volkswagen in the drop-down menu. Does that mean it's unavailable?

    Please call 714-850-0303 Ext 639 between 6AM and 5PM PST for assistance in locating your application.

  20. What internet browsers is the VWcarcovers.com optimized for?

    Internet Explorer 7.0 to current, FireFox 3.0 to current, Chrome 4.0 to current,Safari 4.0 to current.