Owners Manual

About The Product

Coverking custom car covers and shades are made of high quality fabrics. These are cut to fit a specific vehicle, unless otherwise listed. For newer vehicles with large mirrors, the cover will have custom mirror pockets sewn into the cover. Coverking is a leader in using the fewest seams possible. This enhances the look of the cover, helps increase the strength, and provides a clean fit.


Whenever using a cover, the vehicle should be clean and free of dust. By covering a dirty vehicle you will scratch the finish by rubbing the dirt particles into the clear coat of the vehicle. Never cover a wet vehicle.


Coverking covers come rolled up in a box. Place the cover on the hood of the vehicle, and unroll it towards the rear. Then unfold the sides so that the cover is over most of the vehicle. If the cover is equipped with mirror pockets, install them first, next install the front end then roll cover towards the rear of the vehicle. It is important to take care with exhaust tips. If you have a sharp edged exhaust tip, or if your exhaust tips are hot, be sure to avoid contact with the cover material, as it may melt onto exhaust tip. Some of our high-end covers include NOMEX® strips to prevent this.

If your vehicle has a fixed position antenna, you may need to make an opening in the cover. To do this, remove the antennae and place cover over the vehicle. Feel for the base of the antennae and pierce the fabric where the antenna meets the base. Next, install the antennae and remove the cover. Use the included antennae grommets in box to reinforce the cover on both the inside and the outside.


To uncover your vehicle, simply reverse the installation instructions. Start by removing the cover from the rear, then the front of the vehicle, and finally the mirrors if applicable. Now fold the sides up to the roof so that you are left with about an 18" strip of material running the length of the entire vehicle. Roll the cover from the back to the front. Car covers feature a convenient storage bag, use it for short term storage, and never store a wet cover.